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Welcome to gwaine_morgana the community for the BBC show Merlin's Gwaine/Morgana shipping needs :)
why do we ship them?
1. because they're both ridiculously gorgeous
2. because they're both Irish
3. because the idea of them flirting and bantering makes us wish they'd redo season one
4. because his father was a nobleman who died in vain serving a callous king, just like Morgana's
5. because neither particularly cares about status
6. because they both look sexy as hell when swinging a sword
7. because they've both saved Arthur's life more times than we can count
8. because the only person with hair as amazing as Morgana's is Gwaine

1. You can post fanworks, news, discussions, meta, anything you want as long as it's related to Morgana, Gwaine or both of them.
2. No character bashing, please. Be polite to eachother and respect the actors/actresses of the show and characters.
3. Put everything behind a Lj-cut and warn people before posting spoilers.
4. Please tag your posts, it makes everything look prettier! We promise! If the tag you need it's not available, ask a mod and/or tag it as !to be tagged.

Thank you and enjoy! ♥
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